Reptile Express has you covered

Canadians can expand their customer base into the USA, and open themselves up to a much larger market. Being the pioneers and industry leaders with North American imports & exports, you can rest assured that we are very experienced with the rules and regulations the USA has in place when it comes to animals being imported into their country. We are also very knowledgeable with applying for CITES applications and demand for this continues to grow. Rest assured that we will handle the whole process to ensure a smooth and successful export to the United States. You handle marketing your animals in the USA, while we handle your exports professionally!

Upcoming Export Dates

CANADA to USA - May, 2023 (TBD) - Ball Pythons
CANADA to USA - August/September, 2023 (TBD) - Ball Pythons
CANADA to USA - November, 2023 (TBD) - Ball Pythons

*Note: CITES exports (that are not ball pythons) require us to complete an application for you and to wait for the permit to arrive. Once the permit has arrived at our office we can put you in on a firm export date. Cites paperwork can take 1-2 months for review and approval. We have zero control over how long it takes to receive the permit